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Glucosamine: Despite the media hype, it really works!

Everyone knows the importance of good nutrition and the role supplementation plays in better health and wellness. However, so many products today make so many claims that you need to exercise your mind before you make the right choices for your body.

Lately people everywhere are confused and wondering how positive news about scientific studies on the effectiveness of glucosamine for osteoarthritis can be portrayed by some media in such a negative fashion. When you look at the evidence there is no doubt that glucosamine is effective for both pain relief and joint renewal.

Sales for the treatment of osteoarthritis total in the billions of dollars worldwide every year, and because it is a disease that will eventually affect everyone, the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis should be a concern for adults of all ages.

Most traditional treatments for the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis only deal with the symptoms; they do nothing to deal with the actual cause of the pain. In fact, powerful anti-inflammatory drugs simply mask the ongoing degeneration of a joint and do nothing to fix the underlying problem of joint degeneration.

In addition, the health risks of the long-term use of powerful anti-inflammatory drugs are well documented. Recent introductions of COX-2 inhibitors such as Celebrex and Vioxx were once thought to be a revelation for the treatment of arthritis, but, unfortunately, in the case of Vioxx, they have proven to be deadly. The drugs that were initially considered revolutionary are now eyed with caution and considered a risk for many adults with cardiovascular disease.

Glucosamine, on the other hand, comes with none of the risks associated with COX-2 inhibitors, and unlike any drug therapy, it helps to rebuild worn and damaged cartilage — something none of the drugs used for treatment can do.

Additionally, despite the contradictory views given by some press agencies, the benefits of glucosamine are proven to be as effective as drugs in the treatment of pain and inflammation of moderate arthritis.

Results of NIH’s GAIT trial (Glucosamine Arthritis Intervention Trial) published in the February 23, 2006 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrated that glucosamine supplementation significantly decreased “knee pain in osteoarthritis patients experiencing moderate-to-severe pain.”

NeoLife’s Full Motion® provides all the glucosamine your body needs in just the form and from just the sources Nature intended. If you examine the facts, why would anyone risk his or her health with a questionable drug that only deals with the symptoms? When instead, one can use Full Motion and not only address the problems associated with arthritis, but deal with the cause as well.

So go ahead, take back your joints---and get in motion! Full Motion! Only from NeoLife® Nutritionals!

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